Renting? Sick and Tired of...

  1. Getting no Equity
  2. Paying Your Landlords Mortgage
  3. Inconvenient Parking with No Garage
  4. Noisy, Inconsiderate Neighbors
  5. Limitations on Pets
  6. Lack of Privacy
  7. Incompetent Maintenence Men
  8. Limited Space
  9. Lack of Security
  10. Poor Sanitation
  11. Inability to Renovate
  12. Rent Increases
  13. No Yard to Entertain
  14. Public Washer & Dryers

In the end, you may eventually move out or be evicted with nothing to show for the hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. In a decade you could have paid for a house.

Email me back with your complaints and I'll add them to the list.

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What is Stopping You?

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