Active Under Contract

Did you know??? 1/3 of Zillow / Trulia listings are already under contract to be sold, but still say "For Sale". They literally wallpaper the first several pages of every search engine by keeping these listing up. They also sell leads to agents for these unavailable homes for up to $100 per lead. How do they sleep at night? Probably on top of a giant pile of cash. lol. I have been trying for years to surpass Zillow / Trulia by providing an accurate and simple portal to help our clients buy or sell their home. Well, I took those real estate giants to school! I have barely lifted my head from the computer for weeks getting this to work, I'm sure Carolyn has had enough. There is still a small bug with IE but nothing that effects functionality, it will be fixed next week. This mobile friendly website is the third and hopefully last. It has over 62,000 homes for sale across all of RI, MA and CT and it is updated to the hour. To do that we had to be licensed with MLS access in each state. Enjoy!